At CCLF Loans, we make it our business to know about various loans and loan products offered by financial providers across the United Kingdom.

Over the past decade, it seems like more and more of these loan offerings are making an appearance. We make it our duty to know exactly how they work, as well as their advantages and disadvantages so that we can provide the public with the RIGHT information regarding these products.

Make no mistake, these loan products can be a blessing in your time of need, and in today’s day and age, a person suffering from a bad credit history often has nowhere else to turn if they suddenly need money for an emergency.

With all our experience, we can help you make an informed decision as to which loan is best for you. For example, if you own a car, a logbook loan is probably a better option than a tenant guarantor loan which requires you to find someone who will act as your guarantor in case you miss a loan repayment.

Our staff are at the forefront of all the latest developments in the loan industry. Through regular training, we make sure they are in a position to advise anyone on the best loan product for them. Our website is also a hive of information about these various loan products.

Although many of these loan service providers offer incredible products, there are still those who are out to manipulate and make a quick buck off the unsuspecting public. So we encourage you to contact us if you need any advice on unsecured loans.